The images displayed in the Gallery and Store are available for purchase as original limited-edition fine art prints. The larger size edition ranges from approximately 28 x 16 to 28 x 21 inches depending on the aspect ratio of the image. The smaller size edition ranges from approximately 18 x 10 to 18 x 13 inches depending on the aspect ratio of the image. The prints are made with pigmented inks on archival rag papers that present the image in the best possible manner. Whether you are a collector, individual, or organization, purchasing one of McClure’s artworks will look beautiful on the wall and will enhance the environment where displayed. All limited-edition prints have McClure’s seal embossed on the paper. Each original print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) signed by the artist indicating the edition number. The COA increases the value of the artwork and assists in establishing provenance. Edition numbers stated on the website may not reflect the actual edition numbers still available.

“You can get a lot of things in Life, but you won’t regret buying Artwork”.


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